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The toy Yanappu

Pokémon Sunday has revealed another new Pokémon set to appear in the forthcoming Pokémon Black and White. 「ヤナップ」 Yanappu is the 「くさざるポケモン」 Grass Monkey Pokémon, a Grass-type that is 0.6 m tall and weighs 10.5 kg. Its ability is Gluttony. It also knows a new attack called 「アクロバット」 Acrobat, whose attack doubles when the target does not have a hold item. In Triple Battles, it allows the user to hit those out of its range.

Though this is the first time that Yanappu has been shown officially, a leak at the beginning of July revealed pictures of toys in the Kimewaza Pokémon Kids line. One of them was identified before as Kibago, and it now appears that the toy shown in the other image is Yanappu. Similar to Kibago, Pokémon Sunday mentions Yanappu will be owned by a character in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!.

File:PokeSun August22 10.png
Size of this preview: 800 × 450 pixels

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