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Super Pokemon Scramble

The first actual Pokémon game for the Nintendo 3DS has been officially confirmed by the Japanese Pokémon website. Its name will be Super Pokémon Scramble and it’s a sequel to the WiiWare game Pokémon Rumble (known as Pokémon Scramble in Japan). The game is due for release on July 28th in Japan and it will be priced at ¥4,800, meaning it is a full-price game, unlike Pokémon Rumble. As of now, we know it will feature single player and local multiplayer modes, no mention about Wi-Fi support.

Here are some prerelease screenshots posted on the Japanese site:

EDIT: more pictures of Super Pokémon Scramble

Super Pokémon Scramble The first details from CoroCoro have started coming for Super Pokémon Scramble. In it, it indicates that the password feature, previously used in past games to unlock rare Pokémon, has returned. As such, it provided the first password of the game which unlocks the legendary Pokémon; Tornadus. This password is 5155-4087 and has been added to a newly created password page. We’ll bring more details from CoroCoro as and when they come so keep checking back.

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