The latest news about pokemon!!

Two New C-Gear Skins!

Hello everyone, I hope your liking the new layout and let’s give a big thanks to Kingdra for that. Now for the news, well there are two new C-Gears that are available for both Japan and the U.S. The first is a C-Gear for the U.S which features Zoroark, and this C-Gear style comes out on September 7th 2011 and ends January 11th 2011, but the password to get the C-Gear hasn’t been revealed yet so be sure to come back and check if I have posted it yet (lol). The second C-Gear is available for Japan and this C-Gear features Deerling and is available on October 3rd 2011. The password to get the Deerling had been revealed as; JJW2X97D. Image credit goes to Serebii.


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