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Jun’ichi Masuda Reveals New Details About N

Jun’ichi Masuda, the Director of the Pokémon Company, as well as its main composer, has revealed new details on the main “antagonist” of Pokémon Black and White, N:

-N’s real name is “Natural Harmonia Gropius”, N being derived from the term Natural Number.
-N is beyond other humans, in terms of IQ.
-N is a genius, whose mathematical ability is such that he is called a “Math Wizard”.
-He is able to see the past and future of people.
-He is prone to extreme mood swings, and is able to think on his feet.
-Rumor has it that N was born from Pokémon, with the parents being unknown.
-While he loves Pokémon, N is weary of humans.
-N believes in the needs of Pokémon always coming first.
-N believes himself to be a perfect being.
-Due to his nature, he was shunned and scorned by humans, making his connection with Pokémon that much stronger.

Jun’ichi also noted how he took the origin of N’s name into consideration when making his two musical themes, through the use of selective semitone alternation so as to make use of keys with prime numbers.

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