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Ruby/Sapphire remakes being considered by Junichi Masuda

In response to a fan’s Tweet asking about the possibility of R/S remakes, Junichi Masuda Tweeted, “@RSremake ありがとう!想いはしっかり受け止めました。RSはマスダにとっても大切な作品。いいもの創りたいです。ありがとう!!” Translated, it reads, “Thank you for your thoughts. Ruby and Sapphire are important games to me. I will consider your request.” This is the first official consideration for Gen. III remakes.

Junichi Masuda’s Tweet

This tweet is a reply to this:
「@Junichi_Masuda 増田さんへ。ルビー・サファイア(RS)のリメイクは、とにかくRSという原作、そしてRS世代(現在の中高生ぐらい)の人達のことを大切にしたリメイクにしてください。CMでは金銀リメイクの時のようにRS世代に当時の思い出を語らせたり、そしてGBプレイヤーみたいに『GBAプレイヤー』などを搭載したり。RSは大人気作であり、多くの人々に愛されています。だからこそ感動できるリメイクを作ってください。この事を増田さん以外の制作チームの方にも伝えていただきたいです。長文失礼しました。私はRSが大好きで、この事はどうしても知ってほしくて、この機会に伝えさせていただきました。『原作のRSと、RS世代を大切にした』リメイクを絶対にお願いします、多くの人々がそれを望んでいます。信じています。」

Translation, thanks to Cat:
“To Mr. Masuda: Regarding Ruby/Sapphire (originally just called ‘RS’), most of the teens are of the RS Generation. Please remake them for us to cherish. When the commercials for Gold/Silver remakes aired, those of us in the RS Generation recalled our memories of days gone by, also reminded by the GB Sound item of the times we connected our GBAs to the Game Boy Player. Ruby and Sapphire were extremely popular and were loved by many people. That is why we ask that you please make a remake, so we can all be moved emotionally by them again. Masuda, I know you listen to the things people say outside of the production team. I hope this long message is not being disrespectful. I love RS, and because people really want to know, please allow me to take this opportunity to make a request. For those who cherish RS, and for the RS Generation, please attempt to remake them for the many who want them. We believe in you.”

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