The latest news about pokemon!!

Pokemon Hackers Alert!!!

Wesley Fg – a very great pokemon hacker who just completley finnished his rom hack of pokemon ruby and turned it into a master piece…

Download Link:

Yes he made this hack game but that’s not my point i wanted to share his awesome rom base in which is created in a Pokémon Firered (eng) rom. It’s titled as “Hoen BW”  it has some of Kyledove’s ( A great hacker and tile artist) B/W tiles and men does it look awesome! it even has Hoen Overworld Sprites BW version! here’s a preview.


Download File


I am a disclaimer!! if you give credits make sure you don’t give it to me instead  give it to WesleyFg and Kyledove for their amazing work!!


Here’s a link to WesleyFg’s blog:

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