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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

Dream Radar – Coverage Day 2

It’s that time again, as we have our games to hand, we will begin the coverage. . As usual, there is a discovery thread on the forums, which I will be using to post every thing I see. I will also update here whenever I’ve got something significantly note-worthy so make sure you keep checking back. Out of respect of the wishes of those who do not wish to have the game spoiled, I’ve posted it inside this JavaScript tab. Click the button to open it. Be warned as it will have major spoilers. We’re done with the bulk of the narrative now and are focused on any and all post-game stuff. We’ll also continue to cover Dream Radar.

Swarms: Route 1: Farfetch’d, Route 9: Swalot
Rival’s sister mentions hearing about a Zoroark in Victory Road. If you go there and it spots you, it retreats into the cave
06:07: Following Zoroark leads you to the ruins of N’s Castle. N will wish to join you for this portion of the journey. N will lead you to the place of the showdown between Reshiram & Zekrom two years prior and will challenge you using his Reshiram/Zekrom
06:12; Once you’ve defeated Reshiram/Zekrom, it will turn into the Light/Dark Stone and N will give it to you 06:16; Drifloon is also a Dream Radar Pokémon
06:22; Once you take the stone to Dragon Spiral Tower, the dragon will awaken once again, and will be able to be captured. It’s at Level 70, once captured, N will appear and note your capture and disagree with its confinement in a ball
06:26; With Memory Link, if you linked up with Black & White, the props you gained for the Musical carry over as the other player character left it behind
06:51; When you finally capture Kyurem, it’s not actually in it’s Black/White forms. It’s actually in its normal form at Level 70. Once captured, it leaves behind the DNA Link item which can be used to merge the two Pokémon. The IVs and EVs are that of the Kyurem, ignoring the stats of te Reshiram/Zekrom, , but its moveset changes entirely based on its new form. As such, you can’t bring moves across the different forms and you’ll need to reteach the moves if you change the form
07:36; Rival is in Undella Town. He gives you HM06 then offers a battle. Unfezant Lv. 62, Bouffalant Lv. 62, Flygon Lv. 62, Eelektross Lv. 62 Ape Lv. 62, Starteer Evolution Lv. 64
08:03; Cynthia is battlable inside the villa in Undella again. Spiritomb, Lucario, Milotic, Togekiss, Glaceon all Level 76, Garchomp Level 78
08:12; In Route 20, there is a cave you can get to after beating the Elite Four. This cave takes you to a small cave akin to those in Sinnoh and has Professor Juniper in. however, as you venture into the cave, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf appear and disperse. Professor Juniper gives you the task of finding them 08:17; Mesprit, somewhat fittingly as the Emotion pixie, is found at the top of Celestial Tower. It’s Level 65
08:19; Uxie, being the Knowledge Pokémon, is found just outside of the Nacrene City Museum. It too is Level 65
08:40; In Pinwheel Forest, you will bump into Cheren who is looking for information on Team Plasma. He will join you while you investigate the forest
10:02; Regigigas is found in the basement of Twist Mountain. However, it is unresponsive indicating it needs Regirock, Regice and Registeel to activate it
10:27; Deep in the Clay Road are the Underground Ruins. These ruins are seldom seen caves which hold a massive puzzle. The first one is the focus of the Pokémon Regirock and has you have to do a puzzle that can only be known if you visit the place at Day and night. The puzzle requires you to move 6 steps down from the centerpiece and then move 9 steps right. Then select down to hit a hidden switch. This changes the ruins so Regirock becomes available.
10:30; This unlocks a new key which can be shared over Unova Link, the Steel Key (Black 2) & Iceberg Key (White 2). These open up the possibilities of Registeel and Regice when shared through Unova Link10:50; In the Strangers House near Yamaji Town,you have to follow a puzzle which brings you to access the Lunar Wing. this puzzle has you go downstairs from the left then back upstairs on the right, then go upstairs and follow the way to the left. Then,go downstairs again and follow that to the right and back up. Then, climb the middle staircase and a ghost shall appear who will lead you to the Lunar Wing. Take this Lunar Wing to Marvelous Bridge and you can battle Cresselia.
11:16; To get Heatran, you first need to get the Magma Stone. This stone is hidden away in one of the highermost cliffs in Route 18. Once that’s obtained, take it to the Rebirth Mountain cave Bianca pointed out earlier and Heatran will arrive. 11:49; Found the Level 35 Volcarona. Should have got it earlier but oh well. You can actually access the Relic Castle afterall through a path that goes between the World Tournament and Castelia Sewers known as “Relic Path”
13:00; Alder is battleable in Sangi Town. His grandson will challenge you when you beat him
13:21; In case you were wondering, you CAN change the difficulty for yourself once you unlock it. If you go into the Unova Link feature, it’s one of the options. So, once you beat the Elite Four, you can put Challenge Mode on, and have the levels increase on you, or decrease if you do so wish. You can also change between Black City & White City when you have the chance AND change the keys for the Regi when you have them. 13:51; Following on from the capture of Regirock, you will receive a special Unova Link key. The Steel Key in Black 2 or the Iceberg Key in White 2. When you switch over to using these via the Unova Link function, you will then find that they instead have taken residence in the same place you captured Regirock.
Typically, this would make them version exclusives with Registeel being Black 2 and Regice being White 2. However, the ability to share across Unova Link means that if your friend has the opposite game and has captured Regirock and got the new key, they can send that key to you.
Once you have captured Regirock, Regice and Registeel, you now will be able to access the Colossal Pokémon, Regigigas. If you bring the three Pokémon with you to where Regigigas sleeps in the basement of Twist Mountain, and interact with it, it will awaken 18:43; Seems there are a lot of N’s Pokémon to find including Boldore, Klink, Ferroseed and more. When you enter battle, they’ll sparkle and it’ll question them being wild so you do need to be paying attention
20:57;Black Skyscraper Area 1 Leader: Pikachu Lv. 49, Voltorb Lv. 49
21:04; Your task here is to get through the Skyscraper’s rooms with no items. There is sometimes a Doctor on hand, but you need to battle him. Each area, you have to follow a person and defeat them to open up the boss room. Their Pokémon increase in level as you get into more areas
21:18; Watchog Lv. 56, Swoobat Lv. 56, Basculin Lv. 56 Banjirou was chatting with the Area 3 leader as I went in.Area 3 Leader: Bouffalant Lv. 59, Swanna Lv. 59, Scolipede Lv. 59
22;24; While I was exploring in Icirrus, I found the Shadow Triad just east of the Pokémon Centre who then challenged me
Bisharp Lv. 65, Bisharp Lv. 65, Absol Lv. 67
Bisharp Lv. 65, Bisharp Lv. 65, Accelgor Lv. 67
Bisharp Lv. 65, Bisharp Lv. 65, Banette Lv. 67Each was a different type of battle; Single, Triple & Rotation
22:30; Revive, Shards confirmed as Dream Radar Items. Swablu & Sigilyph as Pokémon
22:41; Team Plasma’s Frigate is docked at the P2 Lab
Achroma is trying to rectify things for his mistakes. He challenges you (no longer affiliated with Plasma in the challenger image)
Magneton Lv. 72, Wash Rotom Lv. 72, Metagross Lv. 72, Beheeyem Lv. 72. Magnezone Lv. 72, Klinklang Lv. 74
He gives you a Master Ball for defeating him
00:31; When you defeat Banjirou in Black City/White Forest’s main attraction, you will recieve a Shiny Gible as a giftSource:


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