The latest news about pokemon!!

PB2&W2 Leaked!!

Umm Guys?? did you know that these games…

Have been leaked, aren’t for 3DS console, translated in English(not completely), and is now ready for download!!

Click the image of the game you want to download.



And if you’re using NO$GBA,
Here’s the code, it works for both versions 🙂
02004EA0 EAFFF25C
E2001800 0000005C
E92D4008 E3A00000
E3A0150E E2811A06
E5810B44 EA5FE9F2
E59F4034 E59F5034
E5845000 E59F4020
E5945000 E59F601C
E1550006 03A05001
05C4500A 03A05000
E1445DB4 E8BD01F0
EA000D95 021809E0
EAA01606 00000000
D0000000 00000000

Good luck guys i’ll put up some more emulators in the download sections stay tuned!

P.S. Yes, I do a little Digital Art myself and just comment on this post if you have anything to say 🙂

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