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Strongest class Single Battle Pokémon to be distributed at Pokémon Center stores

The strongest class Single Battle Pokémon will be distributed at Pokémon Center stores for the Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 games. One Pokémon will be obtainable randomly each week from now until Oct. 28, 2012. DragoniteScizorTyranitarMetagross, and Garchomp are the five Pokémon that will be distributed randomly. All five Pokémon will be level 100 and come in a Cherish Ball.

File:Single Battle Pokemon 1.png

Dragonite will be male, hold a Lum Berry, have its Hidden Ability Multiscale, and have the moves: ExtremeSpeedFire PunchDragon Dance and Outrage.

File:Single Battle Pokemon 4.png

Scizor will be male, hold a Life Orb, have the Ability Technician, and have the moves: Bullet PunchBug BiteRoost and Sword Dance.

File:Single Battle Pokemon 5.png

Tyranitar will be male, hold a Focus Sash, have the Ability Sand Stream, and have the moves: Fire BlastIce BeamStone Edge and Crunch.

File:Single Battle Pokemon 3.png

Metagross will hold a Choice Band, have the Ability Clear Body, and have the moves: Bullet PunchZen HeadbuttHammer Arm and Ice Punch.

File:Single Battle Pokemon 2.png

Garchomp will be male, hold BrightPowder, have the Ability Sand Veil, and have the moves: OutrageEarthquakeSwords Dance and Stone Edge.



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