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Pokemon Ruby and Sahppire

3d models of kyogre and groudon
3d Models by sukhoiaero
As expected, the games that were announced were not Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Remakes. But, I think there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing those two games on the 3DS. We can be pretty certain that those games will use the same engine from Pokemon X and Y. If that’s true (let’s assume it is), then Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are going to be in full on, spectacular, 3D. Game Freak has made a habit of remaking past generations in between new entry titles. And, they have always added the current generation’s coat of paint to them with some new features. They still feel like the classic versions, but Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on Nintendo 3DS are going to be way different.

pokemon ruby and sapphire on nintendo 3ds
Fake box arts by Cid-Ventalto
I’ve seen a few bloggers speculating that the next remakes will be Diamond and Pearl, but where’s the logic in that? I understand that they haven’t released two GENs on the same console since GEN I and II, but they haven’t broken the pattern with their remakes yet (yes, Game Boy and Game Boy Color are the same console). 4th and 5th GEN were on Nintendo DS.

3d kyogre and groudon from super smash bros brawl
So get ready for Hoenn in 3D! These are probably going to be the coolest remakes so far because we’ll be able to see one of the past regions with all 3 dimensions rendered. In some ways it will feel like a whole new experience. But, I think there will be enough nostalgia to remind us of the old days too. Just to get everybody’ salivary glands churning, I’ll sprinkle some 3D renderings of Groundon and Kyogre in the post.

raging ruby and summon sapphire nintendo 3ds Games
Now, we don’t know all of the new features that are going to be in Pokemon X and Y. But, there good reasons to believe that there will be new online features (due to a recent Press Release). I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, of those features will be in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes on Nintendo 3DS as well.

groudon and kyogre in 3d
3D Groudon by SureinDragon
I know that all of this is pure speculation, but it does seem very plausible with the history of Pokemon titles in the past. So this isn’t actually an analysis, but more of a theory. I’m still filing this under Cakenalysis though, because I think it’s a worthy speculative piece. I’m curious to know what others are speculating about for future remakes too, so please share your opinions in the comment section below.

Scroll down and view the pretty images and leave some comments down there. music

blazing ruby and frozen sapphire nintendo 3ds games
Fake box arts by Mukar

groudon nintendo 3ds
3D Groudon by oreolol1

groudon and kyogre 3d

pokemon sapphire and ruby on nintendo 3ds

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