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The Cutest, Cheesiest Pokémon Prom Proposal Ever

There’s no way the girl being asked to prom in this video could have said no.

Ash Ketchum—or, ok, a high schooler dressed up as Ash—commanding the attention of the entire cafeteria, complete with an announcement, a Pokéball and cheesy poetry? No way she could have said no.

I wish my high school prom proposal was anywhere near as eventful as this. It was more like my girl (space) friend and I looked at each other and were like, “Yeah, ok, let’s go together.” Breaking high school social rules everywhere!

(baushaus24 via Geekologie)

Geez if i where to do this I don’t know whether it would be a fail, maybe the success rate would be 50% but hey, you don’t know what would happen if you never tried.

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