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Pokemon X & Y

Your new Pokémon adventure promises to be exciting and challenging every step of the way! Be prepared to encounter many tough Pokémon and battle against tough Trainers to become the Champion!

The Kalos Region

Pokémon X & Y takes place in the Kalos region, home to beautiful skies and forests! The Kalos region is full of interesting places to visit and explore!

The central city of the Kalos region is Lumiose City, a thriving metropolis filled with customers checking out its variety of shops. Many roads extend from the iconic tower at the city’s center.

Vaniville Town is your new home at the beginning of your adventure! The start of your journey waits just past the ornate town gates. Before leaving, your neighbor will be eager to meet you. Plus, you’ll meet the family Rhyhorn, who’s resting on its pad in your front yard!

After leaving Vaniville Town, the first populated location you’ll visit is Santalune City. It’s a lovely city, easily identifiable by the large fountain at the center of town. It’s also home to the Santalune City Gym!

Keep an eye out for Alexa, who will guide you toward the gym, where her younger sister, Viola, is the Gym Leader.

An Expanding Pokédex!

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will present a new generation of Pokémon, including never-before-seen starter Pokémon, amazing Legendary Pokémon, and many more!


Begin your new adventure with one of three starter Pokémon: the Grass-type Pokémon Chespin, the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin, or the Water-type Pokémon Froakie. Which Pokémon will you choose?


The Grass-type Pokémon Chespin has a tough shell covering its head and back. Despite having a curious nature that tends to get it in trouble, Chespin keeps an optimistic outlook and doesn’t worry about small details.


Searing heat blows from the ears of the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin. This Pokémon loves to snack on twigs. Fennekin can be temperamental, but it tries to do its best for its Trainer.


The Water-type Pokémon Froakie is both light and strong, making it capable of jumping incredibly high. The bubbles on its chest and back protect it from attacks. Froakie may appear absentminded, but in truth it pays close attention to its surroundings at all times.

Two newly discovered Legendary Pokémon arrive in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Much mystery still surrounds the Legendary Xerneas and Yveltal, but their importance in your journey will surely be revealed!



Xerneas’s ability is Fairy Aura. Which Strengthens Fairy type moves for all Pokemon in battle, including your opponents Pokémon!

Species Life Pokémon
Type Fairy
Ability Fairy Aura
Height 9’10”
Weight 474.0 lbs.



With Yveltal’s Dark Aura ability, the power of Dark-type moves increases for all Pokémon in play.

Species Destruction Pokémon
Type Dark/Flying
Ability Dark Aura
Height 19’00”
Weight 447.5 lbs.


Humans and Pokémon peacefully coexist in the world of Pokémon. In addition to playing as a human hero, you’ll meet many other folks. Some of them will help you on adventure, while many others will stand in your way!

Professor Sycamore is the top Pokémon researcher in the Kalos region. He entrusts you and your friends with Pokémon and sends you out on your big adventure!

A strange organization known as Team Flare has begun to make its presence known in the Kalos region. What could they be up to?

Before your adventure begins, you will first select whether you want to play as a male or female hero. Your adventure will be largely the same no matter what your choice.

Early in your journey, you’ll meet four special friends whom you’ll encounter frequently throughout your adventure. All five of you will be given Pokémon and Pokédexes for your travels around the Kalos region.

What’s New

In the Pokémon series up until now, there has been a limit on how many times each Pokémon could evolve. However, Mega Evolution is a different kind of Evolution, one that surpasses that limit.

Mega Evolution is described as an Evolution beyond all Evolution, a transformation found only in the Kalos region. It has also been called the greatest mystery of Pokémon.

In addition to far greater strength, Mega-Evolved Pokémon may also see their Ability change, or even their type!

Check out some of the Mega Evolution that await you in your next adventure!

Mega Evolution is not possible for all Pokémon. Only certain Pokémon, under certain conditions, can achieve Mega Evolution. One of those conditions is a special item called a Mega Stone. These special stones exist for every Pokémon that can Mega Evolve, and each is named for the Pokémon to which it grants power.

To use a Mega Stone, give it to your Pokémon to hold. Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution will gain access to their potential only if they first carry a Mega Stone into battle. Other things are needed for Mega Evolution to succeed, and those secrets will be explained later!

Some of the many Mega Stones seem to be hidden in secret places in the Kalos region. Finding every one of them will be one of the challenges awaiting you in Pokémon X andPokémon Y!

Discover some of the incredible Mega-Evolved Pokémon that await in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! A Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be able to tap into a strength far greater than it could before. When a Pokémon becomes a Mega-Evolved Pokémon in battle, Trainers will have a great opportunity to turn a battle around and snag a win!


Mega Ampharos

When Ampharos Mega Evolves into Mega Ampharos, its head and tail are covered with white fur in this new, gallant appearance. When Ampharos undergoes Mega Evolution, it gains the Dragon type in addition to its original Electric type.



Mega Absol

The increased energy that courses through Absol’s body upon Mega evolving makes its fur stand on the end, giving it the appearance of wings. It’s Attack and Speed stats rises giving you the power to snatch up victory in a heartbeat.


Mega Mawile

When Mawile undergoes Mega Evolution, its trademark huge mouth has multiplied, and now there are two great maws to contend with!



Mega Mewtwo

At last, the truth behind the new Pokémon that so closely resembles Mewtwo is clear. It’s a Mewtwo that has achieved Mega Evolution, a new kind of Pokémon Evolution!


Mega Lucario

When Lucario Mega Evolves, it becomes Mega Lucario. This Pokémon becomes even larger than it was before it Mega Evolved.


Mega Blaziken

Blazikenite, the item needed to Mega Evolve Blaziken, cannot be obtained through normal gameplay in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y.


Super Training

Pokémon gain experience and grow stronger by battling with other Pokémon. In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, that’s not the only way to help your Pokémon grow. Check out a brand-new method of Pokémon training: Super Training!

Super Training can be played on the touch screen of your Nintendo 3DS system whenever you are not in battle or viewing an event.

You can also select PSS or Pokemon Amie on the touch screen to train your Pokemon via super training, anywhere and anytime

Connect across the World with the PSS! 

Connect and play with other Trainers at any time with the new Player Search System (PSS), which allows you to find other people playing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! You’ll connect to other players nearby or around the world through the Internet. You can even communicate with players you’ve never had any contact with before.

All you need to do to communicate with other players on the PSS is to tap their icons. Then you can easily choose to trade or battle with them. That’s not all the PSS can do, so look forward to more info on this exciting feature in the future!

You’re always connected to the world with the PSS! You can connect not only to players nearby, but also to players all around the world.
Using the PSS, you can do a variety of things, starting with trading and battling Pokémon. But as you’ll see, there’s much more to the PSS!

Use the Holo Caster to get messages from people far away, such as your four friends or the professor.

You can also get reports about the people you have passed by using StreetPass on your Holo Caster. Plus, receive news bulletins about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, such as information on upcoming competitions!

You can get the most up-to-date information using StreetPass or your Internet connection, even when you aren’t playing the game or when you have your system in Sleep Mode.

With Battle Spot, you can use your Internet connection to battle with players from around the world. Compete in casual Free Battles for everyday challenges, or take on tougher Rating Battles to see how you rank against the competition!

Trade Pokémon with other Trainers around the world using the Global Trade Station! Decide which Pokémon you want to offer in trade and what kind of Pokémon you want to receive in return. If a matching partner can be found anywhere around the world, your trade will be completed.

Previously, you could trade via the GTS only for Pokémon  you’d already registered in your Pokédex by seeing or catching them. For the first time in the main Pokémon series,Pokémon X and Pokémon Y allow you to receive a Pokémon not yet registered in your Pokédex via GTS trade!

Wonder Trade is a new form of Pokémon trading where you pick a Pokémon to offer and it will be instantly traded for another Pokémon offered by someone else around the world. The thrill of Wonder Trade is that you won’t have any idea which Pokémon you’ll get until it appears. Who knows? You might even find yourself getting a rare Pokémon that you never expected!

O-Powers are special powers that will help you progress through your adventure. These O-Powers come in many forms. Some powers may temporarily increase your stats, while others may make it easier to catch wild Pokémon. Still others may increase the Exp. Points or prize money you get from battle.

The useful effects of your O-Powers are not just for you—you can also offer them to other Trainers around you so they can benefit from them, too. If a nearby player uses an O-Power, it will be displayed through your PSS, and you’ll be able to use that O-Power yourself!

You can also specifically choose another Trainer and choose which O-Power to use on him or her. Now you can work together with players from anywhere to help succeed in your adventures!

The Shout-Out function lets you share your feelings and accomplishments with other players. Your Shout-Out will be displayed to other players who are nearby or connected to the Internet.

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