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Pokemon X & Y

Your new Pokémon adventure promises to be exciting and challenging every step of the way! Be prepared to encounter many tough Pokémon and battle against tough Trainers to become the Champion!

The Kalos Region

Pokémon X & Y takes place in the Kalos region, home to beautiful skies and forests! The Kalos region is full of interesting places to visit and explore!

The central city of the Kalos region is Lumiose City, a thriving metropolis filled with customers checking out its variety of shops. Many roads extend from the iconic tower at the city’s center.

Vaniville Town is your new home at the beginning of your adventure! The start of your journey waits just past the ornate town gates. Before leaving, your neighbor will be eager to meet you. Plus, you’ll meet the family Rhyhorn, who’s resting on its pad in your front yard!

After leaving Vaniville Town, the first populated location you’ll visit is Santalune City. It’s a lovely city, easily identifiable by the large fountain at the center of town. It’s also home to the Santalune City Gym!

Keep an eye out for Alexa, who will guide you toward the gym, where her younger sister, Viola, is the Gym Leader.

An Expanding Pokédex!

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will present a new generation of Pokémon, including never-before-seen starter Pokémon, amazing Legendary Pokémon, and many more!


Begin your new adventure with one of three starter Pokémon: the Grass-type Pokémon Chespin, the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin, or the Water-type Pokémon Froakie. Which Pokémon will you choose?


The Grass-type Pokémon Chespin has a tough shell covering its head and back. Despite having a curious nature that tends to get it in trouble, Chespin keeps an optimistic outlook and doesn’t worry about small details.


Searing heat blows from the ears of the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin. This Pokémon loves to snack on twigs. Fennekin can be temperamental, but it tries to do its best for its Trainer.


The Water-type Pokémon Froakie is both light and strong, making it capable of jumping incredibly high. The bubbles on its chest and back protect it from attacks. Froakie may appear absentminded, but in truth it pays close attention to its surroundings at all times.

Two newly discovered Legendary Pokémon arrive in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Much mystery still surrounds the Legendary Xerneas and Yveltal, but their importance in your journey will surely be revealed!



Xerneas’s ability is Fairy Aura. Which Strengthens Fairy type moves for all Pokemon in battle, including your opponents Pokémon!

Species Life Pokémon
Type Fairy
Ability Fairy Aura
Height 9’10”
Weight 474.0 lbs.



With Yveltal’s Dark Aura ability, the power of Dark-type moves increases for all Pokémon in play.

Species Destruction Pokémon
Type Dark/Flying
Ability Dark Aura
Height 19’00”
Weight 447.5 lbs.


Humans and Pokémon peacefully coexist in the world of Pokémon. In addition to playing as a human hero, you’ll meet many other folks. Some of them will help you on adventure, while many others will stand in your way!

Professor Sycamore is the top Pokémon researcher in the Kalos region. He entrusts you and your friends with Pokémon and sends you out on your big adventure!

A strange organization known as Team Flare has begun to make its presence known in the Kalos region. What could they be up to?

Before your adventure begins, you will first select whether you want to play as a male or female hero. Your adventure will be largely the same no matter what your choice.

Early in your journey, you’ll meet four special friends whom you’ll encounter frequently throughout your adventure. All five of you will be given Pokémon and Pokédexes for your travels around the Kalos region.

What’s New

In the Pokémon series up until now, there has been a limit on how many times each Pokémon could evolve. However, Mega Evolution is a different kind of Evolution, one that surpasses that limit.

Mega Evolution is described as an Evolution beyond all Evolution, a transformation found only in the Kalos region. It has also been called the greatest mystery of Pokémon.

In addition to far greater strength, Mega-Evolved Pokémon may also see their Ability change, or even their type!

Check out some of the Mega Evolution that await you in your next adventure!

Mega Evolution is not possible for all Pokémon. Only certain Pokémon, under certain conditions, can achieve Mega Evolution. One of those conditions is a special item called a Mega Stone. These special stones exist for every Pokémon that can Mega Evolve, and each is named for the Pokémon to which it grants power.

To use a Mega Stone, give it to your Pokémon to hold. Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution will gain access to their potential only if they first carry a Mega Stone into battle. Other things are needed for Mega Evolution to succeed, and those secrets will be explained later!

Some of the many Mega Stones seem to be hidden in secret places in the Kalos region. Finding every one of them will be one of the challenges awaiting you in Pokémon X andPokémon Y!

Discover some of the incredible Mega-Evolved Pokémon that await in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! A Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be able to tap into a strength far greater than it could before. When a Pokémon becomes a Mega-Evolved Pokémon in battle, Trainers will have a great opportunity to turn a battle around and snag a win!


Mega Ampharos

When Ampharos Mega Evolves into Mega Ampharos, its head and tail are covered with white fur in this new, gallant appearance. When Ampharos undergoes Mega Evolution, it gains the Dragon type in addition to its original Electric type.



Mega Absol

The increased energy that courses through Absol’s body upon Mega evolving makes its fur stand on the end, giving it the appearance of wings. It’s Attack and Speed stats rises giving you the power to snatch up victory in a heartbeat.


Mega Mawile

When Mawile undergoes Mega Evolution, its trademark huge mouth has multiplied, and now there are two great maws to contend with!



Mega Mewtwo

At last, the truth behind the new Pokémon that so closely resembles Mewtwo is clear. It’s a Mewtwo that has achieved Mega Evolution, a new kind of Pokémon Evolution!


Mega Lucario

When Lucario Mega Evolves, it becomes Mega Lucario. This Pokémon becomes even larger than it was before it Mega Evolved.


Mega Blaziken

Blazikenite, the item needed to Mega Evolve Blaziken, cannot be obtained through normal gameplay in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y.


Super Training

Pokémon gain experience and grow stronger by battling with other Pokémon. In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, that’s not the only way to help your Pokémon grow. Check out a brand-new method of Pokémon training: Super Training!

Super Training can be played on the touch screen of your Nintendo 3DS system whenever you are not in battle or viewing an event.

You can also select PSS or Pokemon Amie on the touch screen to train your Pokemon via super training, anywhere and anytime

Connect across the World with the PSS! 

Connect and play with other Trainers at any time with the new Player Search System (PSS), which allows you to find other people playing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! You’ll connect to other players nearby or around the world through the Internet. You can even communicate with players you’ve never had any contact with before.

All you need to do to communicate with other players on the PSS is to tap their icons. Then you can easily choose to trade or battle with them. That’s not all the PSS can do, so look forward to more info on this exciting feature in the future!

You’re always connected to the world with the PSS! You can connect not only to players nearby, but also to players all around the world.
Using the PSS, you can do a variety of things, starting with trading and battling Pokémon. But as you’ll see, there’s much more to the PSS!

Use the Holo Caster to get messages from people far away, such as your four friends or the professor.

You can also get reports about the people you have passed by using StreetPass on your Holo Caster. Plus, receive news bulletins about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, such as information on upcoming competitions!

You can get the most up-to-date information using StreetPass or your Internet connection, even when you aren’t playing the game or when you have your system in Sleep Mode.

With Battle Spot, you can use your Internet connection to battle with players from around the world. Compete in casual Free Battles for everyday challenges, or take on tougher Rating Battles to see how you rank against the competition!

Trade Pokémon with other Trainers around the world using the Global Trade Station! Decide which Pokémon you want to offer in trade and what kind of Pokémon you want to receive in return. If a matching partner can be found anywhere around the world, your trade will be completed.

Previously, you could trade via the GTS only for Pokémon  you’d already registered in your Pokédex by seeing or catching them. For the first time in the main Pokémon series,Pokémon X and Pokémon Y allow you to receive a Pokémon not yet registered in your Pokédex via GTS trade!

Wonder Trade is a new form of Pokémon trading where you pick a Pokémon to offer and it will be instantly traded for another Pokémon offered by someone else around the world. The thrill of Wonder Trade is that you won’t have any idea which Pokémon you’ll get until it appears. Who knows? You might even find yourself getting a rare Pokémon that you never expected!

O-Powers are special powers that will help you progress through your adventure. These O-Powers come in many forms. Some powers may temporarily increase your stats, while others may make it easier to catch wild Pokémon. Still others may increase the Exp. Points or prize money you get from battle.

The useful effects of your O-Powers are not just for you—you can also offer them to other Trainers around you so they can benefit from them, too. If a nearby player uses an O-Power, it will be displayed through your PSS, and you’ll be able to use that O-Power yourself!

You can also specifically choose another Trainer and choose which O-Power to use on him or her. Now you can work together with players from anywhere to help succeed in your adventures!

The Shout-Out function lets you share your feelings and accomplishments with other players. Your Shout-Out will be displayed to other players who are nearby or connected to the Internet.

New Features in Pokemon X & Y

Battle Mechanics

Sky Battles
A new type of battle is introduced within Pokémon X & Y, the Sky Battle. These battles can only be participated in with Pokémon of the Flying-type, or those who have the ability Levitate and allow for battles completely in the air.
Horde Encounters
Horde Encounters are a new kind of Wild Encounter where a horde of Pokémon appear and challenge you. These can be all of the same Pokémon, or multiple species. Targetin the right Pokémon is key here, as moves like Rock Slide hit all

Overworld Mechanics

Riding Pokémon
One of the first new mechanics for people to notice is that you can ride Pokémon in certain areas. At the moment, it’s only known that you can ride Gogoat within Lumiose City.
Another thing seen previous is the inclusion of Rollerblades. These items seem to allow for faster travel in areas, and are attached to the shoes of the trainer. It’s not known if they replace running/bikes or are an accessory.
Trainer Customisation
When you first select your character, and select a gender, you have the ability to choose between three different presets. These alter the character’s hair and skin tone to be more personalised to your own appearance.

That’s not all, however, as you have the ability to later get various bits of clothing and accessories throughout the Kalos region. You can then return home and change your appearance at any time. We’ll be providing a list of all the items of clothing as the game is released.

Language Selection
Unlike previous games, these games will allow you to select the language on the cartridge rather than based upon where you purchased the game. Languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean.
Player Search System
The Player Search System is the evolution of the C-Gear and allows for you to interact with various players through local wireless or over the Nintendo WiFi Connection.
There are three levels of interactivity, Pass By which is for those you just walk by, Acquaintances which are those you interact with and Friends. Friends are determined from your 3DS friend list, and you’re prompted after multiple interactions with the same acquaintance. You can have 100 friends.

In addition to that, you can battle and trade with people using the PSS. Trades run as normal, being able to pull Pokémon from the party and/or the box whereas battles allow you to have multiple rulesets and even select music as you start

Current pokemon listings in Pokemon X & Y

US Name: Chespin
Jp. NameHarimaron (ハリマロン)

Type: Grass
Classification: Shelled Chestnut Pokémon
Height: 0.4m
Weight: 9.0kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Pokémon, the Grass-type Starter, was announced as part of the reveal of Pokémon X & Y

The Grass-type Pokémon Chespin has a tough shell covering its head and back. Despite having a curious nature that tends to get it in trouble, Chespin keeps an optimistic outlook and doesn’t worry about small details.

US Name: Fennekin
Jp. NameFokko (フォッコ)

Type: Fire
Classification: Fox Pokémon
Height: 0.4m
Weight: 9.4kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Pokémon, the Fire-type Starter, was announced as part of the reveal of Pokémon X & Y

Searing heat of up to 200 degrees blows from the ears of the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin. This Pokémon loves to snack on twigs. Fennekin can be temperamental, but it tries to do its best for its Trainer.

US Name: Froakie
Jp. NameKeromatsu (ケロマツ)

Type: Water
Classification: Bubble Frog Pokémon
Height: 0.3m
Weight: 7.0kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Pokémon, the Water-type Starter, was announced as part of the reveal of Pokémon X & Y

The Water-type Pokémon Froakie is both light and strong, making it capable of jumping incredibly high. The bubbles on its chest and back protect it from attacks. Froakie may appear absentminded, but in truth it pays close attention to its surroundings at all times.

US Name: Sylveon
Jp. NameNymphia (ニンフィア Ninfia)

Type: Fairy-type
Classification: Bow Pokémon
Height: 1.0m
Weight: 23.5kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pikachu & Eevee Friends & Pokémon X & Y

This Pokémon is a brand new evolution of the classic Pokémon, Eevee. None of its details are currently known but it will appear in the movie short alongside its other evolutions. The method of evolution is said to be a secret

US Name: Pancham
Jp. NameYamchan (ヤンチャム

Type: Fighting
Classification: Naughty Pokémon
Height: 0.6m
Weight: 8.0kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Panda Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in May 2013. It’s a Fighting-type and can learn the new move Parting Remark

With its trademark leaf always sticking out of its mouth, Pancham tries to intimidate its opponents by glaring at them intensely (although this is rarely successful).

US Name: Fletchling
Jp. NameYayakoma (ヤヤコマ)

Type: Normal/Flying
Classification: Japanese Robin Pokémon
Height: 0.3m
Weight: 1.7kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Bird Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in May 2013. It’s a Normal/Flying-type. It is well known for its singing voice and can learn the move Nitro Charge

With a friendly nature and a beautiful chirp, Fletchling is a popular Pokémon among many Trainers. But Fletchling is also known to be ferocious in battle, capable of unleashing relentless attacks!

US Name: Talonflame
Jp. NameFiarrow (ファイアロー )

Type: Fire/Flying
Classification: Deterioration Pokémon
Height: 3’11”
Weight: 54.0lbs
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This evolved form of Fletchling is capable of reaching speeds of up to 310 mph when diving for its prey, Talonflame can attack its foes with devastating kicks while embers spew from its body as it zooms through the sky. Talonflame knows Brave Bird, one of the strongest Flying-type moves. Use Brave Bird carefully, though, because the incredible strength of this move also does damage to the user.

US Name: Gogoat
Jp. NameGogoat (ゴーゴート Gohgohto))

Type: Grass
Classification: Ride Pokémon
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 91.0kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Goat Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in May 2013. It’s a Grass-type and can learn the move Horn Leech. It is capable of being riden within Miare City, and possibly other places

Gogoat is so large that people are able to ride on its back. It’s very calm, and can form a strong bond with its Trainer’s feelings when its Trainer grabs onto its horns.

US Name: Helioptile
Jp. NameElikiteru (エリキテル)

Type: Electric/Normal
Classification: Generating Pokémon
Height: 0.5m
Weight: 6.0kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Lizard? Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in May 2013. It’s a Electric/Normal-type Pokémon. It has a new move called Parabola Charge which heals the user while damaging opponents. It uses solar rays to generate electricity

Helioptile charges itself by bathing in the light of the sun, providing it with enough energy that it doesn’t need to eat!

US Name: ???
Jp. NameKofukimushi (コフキムシ)

Type: Bug
Classification: Powder Blowing Pokémonkémon
Height: 1’00″/0.3m
Weight: 2.5kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This bug Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in June 2013. It’s the base form in the Vivillon line

US Name: Spewpa
Jp. NameKofuurai (コフーライ)

Type: Bug
Classification: Powder Blowing Pokémonkémon
Height: 1’00″/0.3m
Weight: 8.4kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This bug Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in June 2013 with its name appearing on the official site before release. It’s the middle form in the Vivillon line

US Name: Vivillon
Jp. NameVivillon (ビビヨン)

Type: Bug/Flying
Classification: Scales Pokémon
Height: 3’11”
Weight: 37.5lbs
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This bug Pokémon first appeared during the Nintendo E3 Direct! It’s said there’s a secret behind the colorful decorative pattern on Vivillon’s wings, which it uses to scatter its scales or create a strong wind to attack. Vivillon can learn Struggle Bug, a Bug-type move that lowers the Special Attack of any opposing Pokémon it hits, so the move not only causes damage but also reduces the damage inflicted on Vivillon from certain moves during battle.

US Name: Noivern
Jp. NameOnvern (オンバーン)

Type: Flying/Dragon
Classification: Sonic Pokémon
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 187.4lbs
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This bat Pokémon first appeared during the Nintendo E3 Direct! It is extremely combative and will attack anything that wanders too close to it. Flying through the dark night with ease, Noivern uses the ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears to attack. These waves are so strong they can reduce large boulders to small pebbles. A new Normal-type move in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that perfectly suits Noivern is Boomburst. This move emits an explosive sound wave that attacks all surrounding Pokémon with the resulting energy. But beware—Boomburst will also strike any nearby allies, so consider the situation and your team’s types before using it!

US Name: Clauncher
Jp. NameUdebbou (ウデッボウ )

Type: Water
Classification: Water Gun Pokémon
Height: 1’08”
Weight: 18.3lbs
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

It uses its one oversized claw not only to seize prey but also to shoot condensed water at others as a projectile. This capability is so intense that it can crack a boulder! A Water-type Pokémon, Clauncher can also use its giant claw to crush opponents with the powerful Water-type move Crabhammer, which is more likely to land a critical hit. Critical hits against opposing Pokémon will do twice the usual damage. .

US Name: Skrelp
Jp. NameKuzumou (クズモー )

Type: Poison/Water
Classification: Psuedo Seaweed Pokémon
Height: 1’08”
Weight: 16.1lbs
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

It appears to be nothing more than a rotting piece of kelp, but don’t let its appearance fool you. Using its unique look to its benefit, Skrelp pretends to be a piece of seaweed, and when prey wander past it, Skrelp bathes them in poison so they can’t struggle when it attacks. Skrelp uses the Poison-type move Sludge Bomb, a move that can leave opposing Pokémon poisoned.

US Name: ???
Jp. NameShishiko (シシコ)

Type: Fire/Normal
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: 1’12″/0.6m
Weight: 13.5kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This lion Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in June 2013. it can learn the move Battle Cry

US Name: ???
Jp. NameFurabebe (フラベベ)

Type: Fairy
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: 0’04″/0.1m
Weight: 0.1kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This fairy Pokémon was first shown in CoroCoro in June 2013. It can learn the move Fairy Wind and it also has the title of being the smallest and lightest Pokémon ever to have existed. It’s not actually the flower, but it has to find a flower which it then protects its entire life.

US Name: Xerneas
Jp. Name: Xerneas (ゼルネアス)

Type: ??
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: 9’10” / 3.0m
Weight: 474lbs / 215kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Pokémon, the legendary of Pokémon X, was announced as part of the reveal of Pokémon X & Y. In the glint of its eye is the shape of the letter X and may be based on a Chital

US Name: Yveltal
Jp. Name: Yveltal (イベルタル)

Type: ??
Classification: ?? Pokémon
Height: 19’00” / 5.8m
Weight: 447.5lbs / 203.0kg
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y

This Pokémon, the legendary of Pokémon Y, was announced as part of the reveal of Pokémon X & Y. When it arms itself in flight, it looks like the letter Y and may be based on a Wyvern


New Pokémon Forms

Like many new Pokémon games since the introduction of forms, Pokémon X & Y continues to add new forms to the fold. However, Pokémon X & Y do something that no new game at the start of generation has done, it has provided a new form for an old Pokémon.

Awakened Mewtwo
US Name: Mewtwo
Jp. NameMewtwo

Type: ??
Classification: Genetic Pokémon
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Ability: ??

First Appearance: Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens

This Pokémon was first leaked in a promotional pamphlet of the Present Guide for the movie Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, replacing Mewtwo on the poster with a caption calling it the Eclair Forme. However, soon afterwards it was revealed by Pokémon Smash, though without saying it is actually a Mewtwo form with the official sites stating it as a new Pokémon. CoroCoro later confirmed it as a new form. Its details are not currently known

Pokemon X & Y Details Revealed

At a special Pokemon press conference at E3 2013, the Pokemon Company revealed a bunch of new details regarding this fall’s Pokemon X & Y for the 3DS.

If keeping your critters locked up in a ball wasn’t enough for you, now you can ride certain larger Pokemon. A clip shown featured the player’s trainer mounting a Rhyhorn and galloping through the wilds of Kalos. Those who want to look dapper atop their Pokemon are in luck — you can now customize your character’s hairstyle and clothing.

Pokemon X & Y features something called the Player Search System which they are hoping will act as the core of game’s community functions. X & Y allow you to tracks friends, acquaintances, and passersby. Playing near another gamer will make the two of you passersby, and the relationship can then be upgraded to acquaintances by interacting with each other. You can then choose to add a person as a true friend, which solidifies your relationship with them.

The Pokemon Company also spoke a bit about Horde Encounters. In the interest of adding some challenge to game’s random encounters in the wild, it’s now possible to find yourself in a situation where you have to face multiple Pokemon at once. Think of it as a standard RPG: For every one attack your Pokemon gets, each member of the enemy party gets to retaliate. Another new type of encounter includes Sky Battles, which limit the participants of the skirmish to specific aerial types. In accordance with this skyward theme, a new flying Pokemon named Talonflame was confirmed for X & Y.

When asked why the game is set in a stylized version of France, a Pokemon Company representative explained how the whole team admires the beauty of the country and wanted to express their admiration in a video game.

Pokemon X & Y launches worldwide on October 12 in seven different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Gameplay Trailer 2

Pokémon X & Y – Roundtable Video

Following on from the content last night, Nintendo has posted a video containing highlights and new Direct Feed footage of the games. This video sowcases various parts of the game including the PSS, Trading, Sky Battles and Horde Encounters

The special Nintendo Developer Roundtable for Pokémon X & Y has begun at E3 and is providing a large amount of Pokémon X & Y information. This information will be continually updated so keep checking back, and be sure to check the lower update segment for the previous news of the day
Players able to choose between languages in the game itself, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean. PSS (Player Search System) will allow players to search for others locally or globally (via Wi-Fi) to battle and trade. Split into Friends, Acquaintances and those you Pass By. They can then be promoted all the way up to friends as you interact and can hold up to 100 friends.
Multiple rulesets for battles return. Two new Pokémon: Skrelp is a Poison and Water-type Pokémon. Clauncher is a Water-type Pokémon. You can battle people you Passby and that’s what promotes them to acquaintences. Trading remains much the same as before. Interact with an acquaintance more than once and it’ll automatically ask you to be your friend. Rhyhorn is a rideable Pokémon. Pokémon-Amie is said to have an additional, but currently unclear affect on Pokémon. Horde Encounters are a new type of wild battle. 5 on 1 battle. May include Pokémon of multiple species rather than just one. Sky Battles confirmed, only Flying-types and Levitators can participate. Talonflame, a new Fire and Flying-type Pokémon has just been revealed. Talonflame focuses on Speed.
A single save file is in the game still. Backwards compatibility “being worked on”. X & Y will make IVs and EVs more visible. PSS syncs with 3DS Friend List. Multiple methods of transportation and different movement types in gyms. You can select specific music tracks before battle with a friend. Riding different Pokémon helps in different areas. Rhyhorn in rocky areas, for example. Pokémon are borrowed for the task
03:41: New Images have been added
Talonflame, the evolution of Fletchling, can learn Brave Bird, Clauncher can learn Crabhammer and Skrelp can learn Sludge Bomb.











Horde Battles






It’s Pokémon Red…As A Ballet Performance? What The Heck?


Well, I’m baffled that this exists—but it does.

Pokémon. As ballet. Seriously.

This performance doesn’t skimp out either: it goes through everything from the initial ‘chose your Pokemon’ part with professor Oak, to battles, to team Rocket, to visiting places like Lavender Town. I kind of lost my shit at the part where the Pokemon faints and ‘nurse Joy’ bursts in, ready to heal—with choreography, of course! Nevermind the part with MISSIGNO.

It’s thirty minutes long. Wow, just wow.

This performance was held in the Creighton Lied Arts Center and the choreography is byAndrew Plotner.

The New Pokémon Trainer’s Legs Are Too Damn Long

The New <em>Pokémon</em> Trainer's Legs Are Too Damn Long

This is the new male Pokémon trainer for the upcoming Pokémon X/Y. His legs are long—too long. Don’t believe me?

The New Pokémon Trainer's Legs Are Too Damn Long

Here is a comparison (via Twitter user Twillcoco) of Pokémon X/Y‘s male trainer and the male trainers from Pokémon Black & White and its sequel.

The New Pokémon Trainer's Legs Are Too Damn Long

The trainer’s legs do look kinda long in the game, too!

The New Pokémon Trainer's Legs Are Too Damn Long

Twillcoco even has a cute little cartoon with the new trainer: He’s riding either a bullet train or an airplane, and apologizing for accidentally kicking the seat in front of him. The little sign says, “No matter how long your legs are, don’t kick the seat in front of you. Mind your manners.” Words to live by.

Pokémon X/Y Sure Looks Like France

As with past Pokémon games, the latest one, Pokémon X/Y, takes its visual cue from real world geography.

For example, in the last big Pokémon titles, Pokémon Black/White, the in-world map was apparently modeled after New York City. This time, the game appears to be modeled after France—though, as one Kotaku reader points out, the game’s official site says the region is star-shaped.

Have a look at how the entirely new region, dubbed “Kalos”, and its central hub Lumiose City stack up against France and Paris:

Pokémon X/Y Sure Looks Like France

Though, this being Pokémon, it’s certainly not an exact copy by any stretch. But still, what’s up with Pokémon Spain? Pokémon Italy? And Pokémon Germany? They’re really brown.

And in case you missed it, check out the game’s latest trailer.

How The Website That Lets You Create Frankenstein Pokémon Came To Be

How The Website That Lets You Create Frankenstein <em>Pokémon</em> Came To Be

Though Pokémon fusions have had a recent resurgence on websites like Tumblr, people have spliced Pokémon together for a while now. That’s how Alex Onsager, the man behind thePokemon Fusion website, initially got the idea: by watching others fuse Pokémon ‘by hand.’ But one day he thought to himself, what if I build something to automate the process for people?

“I realized that there would be two main steps required,” Onsager explained to me via email, “(1) resizing the head and placing it on the right part of the new body, and (2) swapping the colors on the body to match the new head. I make a quick prototype, inputted the first 3 pokemon, ran the script, and laughed out loud when I saw the results.”

And that’s how Pokemon Fusion started. The website didn’t immediately blow up like it has now—at current, during peak times, the website gets 300 requests a second—but he knew right away that he had landed on an entertainment goldmine. So he got to work.

How The Website That Lets You Create Frankenstein Pokémon Came To Be

“I spent a weekend polishing the script and setting up a website, and released in August 2010 with maybe 50 Pokemon supported,” Onsager said.

He made an entertaining website, sure—but that didn’t mean he expected it to be popular. Heck, he didn’t really go out of his way to tell people about it. “I did almost no promotion for the site myself, other than posting it to a private message board while I was working on the first version,” Onsager recalled. And then one day, the website got on Reddit somehow—and that’s when it really took off.

Looking back now, why it took off is a less of a mystery to Onsager. “I think the biggest appeal to the site is that it’s simple,” he muses. “There is very clearly only one thing to do, and you simply press a button to see something new. I also think that Pokemon has a very wide appeal to both kids and adults, and a lot of people are familiar with at least the original 151. It definitely helps if you’re familiar with the originals, so that you can appreciate the ridiculousness of the fused creations.”

The particular reason it’s such a popular website now has to do with a Tumblr trend which involves making artistic depictions of the fused Pokémon—we highlighted some of them here. Onsager says his favorite mash-ups have to be Psychamp:

How The Website That Lets You Create Frankenstein Pokémon Came To BeSEXPAND

and Cunine:

How The Website That Lets You Create Frankenstein Pokémon Came To Be

Not bad picks. The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind, however, must be whether or not Onsager has plans to expand: at current, only the original 151 Pokemon are supported. But that’s a purposeful decision.

“This is basically following my “keep it simple” mentality. The original 151 are the most well-known, and can appeal to a wide audience. They also hold some sentimental value for me, since I started playing the original Red version. I’m still in the process of adding the final ones, but I’m working on finishing as soon as possible.”

“I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping up with the newer generations since I don’t own a DS. Maybe I’m just looking at it through sepia-toned glasses, but I definitely would say that I prefer the original designs. If you’re constantly adding new Pokemon you need to make sure the new designs stand out against the old ones, so I think it’s easy for the newer designs to get more and more outrageous. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I do prefer the older ones.”

While that might sound disappointing—imagine what fun could be had if we had hundreds ofPokémon at our disposal to create freakish Frankenstein Pokémon—at the very least, fans never have to worry about paying to use the site or any other annoyances. Those things aren’t in the plans either, according to Onsager.

Outside of the Pokemon Fusion website, Onsager works as a game designer at Happy Elements, a social game company over in Japan. He sounds content there, and although he’s not keeping up with the newest Pokemon, and although his work on the Pokemon Fusion website is nearing an end, he admits that every once in a while, he has to pull out Pokémon Emerald. You know. For old time’s sake

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y is due to release this year, but there’s still so much we already know about the game.

Published on May 15, 2013

Nintendo’s next Pokemon game is shaping up to be the best yet, and many of the revealed details could actually change the game – at least balance-wise – quite dramatically.

So if you’re after as much Pokemon X & Y news as you can get then you’re in luck. We’ve detailed all the news we already know below for you to find out about.

As always, we’ll update this page with every bit of Pokemon X and Y news we see when it happens, so be sure to keep this page bookmarked.

Confirmed Pokemon X & Y News & Details

This section is all for Pokemon X and Y details that have been confirmed, whether directly through Nintendo or official Pokemon sources or through other official channels such as Japanese magazines.

Pokemon X & Y release date is October 2013

Nintendo has currently set a worldwide of October 2013 for Pokemon X and Y, but no specific date has been discussed. Expect this to be announced closer to the date of the console.

Pokemon X and Y is being developed for Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon X & Y region is Kalos, and is based on France

When Pokemon X & Y was first revealed, its gameplay video highlighted the main city of the region – Lumiose City. This video highlighted a central tower, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.

Nintendo has revealed that Pokemon X and Y’s Kalos region is based on France, adding that this tower will become an ‘iconic’ part of the game.

A map of the region was released, highlighting – but not naming – some of the locations you’ll visit.

Click for larger version

Pokemon X & Y confirmed new monsters

So far Nintendo has confirmed 11 of the new Pokemon monsters that will appear in Pokemon X and Y. These have been detailed below and we will update with more as it happens:

Froakie (Japan: Keromatsu)
One of the three starter Pokemon, Froakie is a frog-like water-type.

Fennekin (Japan: Fokko)
One of the three starter Pokemon, Fennekin is a fire-type fox Pokemon.

Chespin (Japan: Harimaron)
One of the three starter Pokemon, Chespin is a grass-type shelled chestnut Pokemon.

Xerneas (Japan: Xerneas)
One of the legendary Pokemon, Xerneas represents the ‘X’ portion of Pokemon X and Y. Its type is currently unknown.

Yveltal (Japan: Yveltal)
One of the legendary Pokemon, Yveltal represents the ‘Y’ side of the two new Pokemon games. Its type is currently unknown.

Sylveon (Japan: Nymphia)
This is a new evolution type from Eevee, though its type is currently unknown. While some speculate it could be fighting or normal, a lot of other rumours persist that suggest this could be a fairy-type Pokemon – tying into the rumour that Pokemon X and Y will include a new fairy-type alongside the regular types.

Mewtwo X (Rumoured name)
Though the name of this new Mewtwo Forme is unknown, it has been revealed through official Pokemon channels and therefore expected to be a part of the game in some way. Its type is unknown.

Pancham (Japan: Yanchamu)
Pancham is a small fighting-type panda Pokemon, and is one of the many new Pokemon coming to Pokemon X and Y. It will have the brand new move of Parting Remark.

Fletchling (Japan: Yayakoma)
This is one of the many new Pokemon coming to Pokemon X and Y, and is based upon the Japanese Robin. It is a normal/flying type Pokemon.

Helioptile (Japan: Erikiteru)
Helioptile is an electric/normal type Pokemon, and is a lizard that can utilise sunrays to power its electrical attacks. It will be found out in the wild.

Gogoat (Japan: Gōgōto)
This new Pokemon is a grass type Pokemon, designed to resemble a goat. It can be ridden by the player both out in the region and throughout the city and towns. It is not yet known if it is the only rideable Pokemon in X and Y, though it is unlikely.

New Pokemon moves in Pokemon X and Y

Only two new Pokemon moves have been revealed (detailed below), but it’s also worth noting that it has been rumoured that Pokemon X and Y will include dual-type attacks. We’ve discussed this in the rumours section.

Parting Shot (Japan: Parting Remark)
This move lowers the opponent’s attack and special attack stats, then causes the user to retreat from battle. New Pokemon Pancham is the only Pokemon known to use it so far. It’s type is currently unknown.

Parabolic Charge (Japan: Parabola Charge)
This move deals damages to the opponent, and causes the user to regain 50% of the damage inflicted. It is an electric-type. Currently the only known Pokemon to use this move is new Pokemon Helioptile.

Customisable Hero and Heroine

For the first time in a Pokemon game you can choose more than just male or female trainers to play as. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of colours of hair, eyes and skin tone – though it is not yet clear quite how much choice there is.

Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock and equip new outfits and accessories, presumably new hats, glasses and the like.

New Pokedex design, split into three regions

As with most Pokemon games, the Pokedex is getting something of a visual redesign.

Additionally, the Pokedex is going to be split into three different regions with Pokemon specific to those regions rather than one overall region. It’s not been detailed how exactly this will work, but there will be a Coastal Kalos region, a Central Kalos region and a Mountainous Kalos region.

New Mewtwo Forme, Possibly Two

Nintendo has revealed a brand new Pokemon – which is currently unnamed – that visually looks very similar to Mewtwo.

The official Pokemon website also draws similar comparisons, confirming that this new Pokemon will have a “connection” with Mewtwo.

It’s not yet been clarified what this means, but many believe it will mean it’s a new Forme of Mewtwo, and can be acquired during the game somehow.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the official Pokemon movie website’s image for this new Mewtwo has the filename ‘M2X’, which likely means Mewtwo X.

This has lead to further speculation suggesting this new Mewtwo X is one of two new Formes, the second being Mewtwo Y. One for each Pokemon X and Y game.

New Pokemon Type (Rumoured)

This has yet to be confirmed, but Pokemon X and Y is believed to include a new Pokemon type in the form of the Fairy type.

Others have claimed that this new type could be a Japanese translation, and will in fact be called Light – a counter to the already existing Dark type.

This comes from a number of different sources, with all of them claiming that Slyveon – the new evolution for Eevee – will be part of this new type.

Additionally, it has been suggested that existing Pokemon – such as Clefairy and Mawile – will be retroactively retyped as Fairy.

Nintendo is certainly playing with the ambiguity of this information, since a caption on one of the Sylveon images asks “What type of Pokemon is Slyveon?” – perhaps toying with our own desires to find out.

We will update this section once we know for certain.

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