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Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y is due to release this year, but there’s still so much we already know about the game.

Published on May 15, 2013

Nintendo’s next Pokemon game is shaping up to be the best yet, and many of the revealed details could actually change the game – at least balance-wise – quite dramatically.

So if you’re after as much Pokemon X & Y news as you can get then you’re in luck. We’ve detailed all the news we already know below for you to find out about.

As always, we’ll update this page with every bit of Pokemon X and Y news we see when it happens, so be sure to keep this page bookmarked.

Confirmed Pokemon X & Y News & Details

This section is all for Pokemon X and Y details that have been confirmed, whether directly through Nintendo or official Pokemon sources or through other official channels such as Japanese magazines.

Pokemon X & Y release date is October 2013

Nintendo has currently set a worldwide of October 2013 for Pokemon X and Y, but no specific date has been discussed. Expect this to be announced closer to the date of the console.

Pokemon X and Y is being developed for Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon X & Y region is Kalos, and is based on France

When Pokemon X & Y was first revealed, its gameplay video highlighted the main city of the region – Lumiose City. This video highlighted a central tower, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.

Nintendo has revealed that Pokemon X and Y’s Kalos region is based on France, adding that this tower will become an ‘iconic’ part of the game.

A map of the region was released, highlighting – but not naming – some of the locations you’ll visit.

Click for larger version

Pokemon X & Y confirmed new monsters

So far Nintendo has confirmed 11 of the new Pokemon monsters that will appear in Pokemon X and Y. These have been detailed below and we will update with more as it happens:

Froakie (Japan: Keromatsu)
One of the three starter Pokemon, Froakie is a frog-like water-type.

Fennekin (Japan: Fokko)
One of the three starter Pokemon, Fennekin is a fire-type fox Pokemon.

Chespin (Japan: Harimaron)
One of the three starter Pokemon, Chespin is a grass-type shelled chestnut Pokemon.

Xerneas (Japan: Xerneas)
One of the legendary Pokemon, Xerneas represents the ‘X’ portion of Pokemon X and Y. Its type is currently unknown.

Yveltal (Japan: Yveltal)
One of the legendary Pokemon, Yveltal represents the ‘Y’ side of the two new Pokemon games. Its type is currently unknown.

Sylveon (Japan: Nymphia)
This is a new evolution type from Eevee, though its type is currently unknown. While some speculate it could be fighting or normal, a lot of other rumours persist that suggest this could be a fairy-type Pokemon – tying into the rumour that Pokemon X and Y will include a new fairy-type alongside the regular types.

Mewtwo X (Rumoured name)
Though the name of this new Mewtwo Forme is unknown, it has been revealed through official Pokemon channels and therefore expected to be a part of the game in some way. Its type is unknown.

Pancham (Japan: Yanchamu)
Pancham is a small fighting-type panda Pokemon, and is one of the many new Pokemon coming to Pokemon X and Y. It will have the brand new move of Parting Remark.

Fletchling (Japan: Yayakoma)
This is one of the many new Pokemon coming to Pokemon X and Y, and is based upon the Japanese Robin. It is a normal/flying type Pokemon.

Helioptile (Japan: Erikiteru)
Helioptile is an electric/normal type Pokemon, and is a lizard that can utilise sunrays to power its electrical attacks. It will be found out in the wild.

Gogoat (Japan: Gōgōto)
This new Pokemon is a grass type Pokemon, designed to resemble a goat. It can be ridden by the player both out in the region and throughout the city and towns. It is not yet known if it is the only rideable Pokemon in X and Y, though it is unlikely.

New Pokemon moves in Pokemon X and Y

Only two new Pokemon moves have been revealed (detailed below), but it’s also worth noting that it has been rumoured that Pokemon X and Y will include dual-type attacks. We’ve discussed this in the rumours section.

Parting Shot (Japan: Parting Remark)
This move lowers the opponent’s attack and special attack stats, then causes the user to retreat from battle. New Pokemon Pancham is the only Pokemon known to use it so far. It’s type is currently unknown.

Parabolic Charge (Japan: Parabola Charge)
This move deals damages to the opponent, and causes the user to regain 50% of the damage inflicted. It is an electric-type. Currently the only known Pokemon to use this move is new Pokemon Helioptile.

Customisable Hero and Heroine

For the first time in a Pokemon game you can choose more than just male or female trainers to play as. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of colours of hair, eyes and skin tone – though it is not yet clear quite how much choice there is.

Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock and equip new outfits and accessories, presumably new hats, glasses and the like.

New Pokedex design, split into three regions

As with most Pokemon games, the Pokedex is getting something of a visual redesign.

Additionally, the Pokedex is going to be split into three different regions with Pokemon specific to those regions rather than one overall region. It’s not been detailed how exactly this will work, but there will be a Coastal Kalos region, a Central Kalos region and a Mountainous Kalos region.

New Mewtwo Forme, Possibly Two

Nintendo has revealed a brand new Pokemon – which is currently unnamed – that visually looks very similar to Mewtwo.

The official Pokemon website also draws similar comparisons, confirming that this new Pokemon will have a “connection” with Mewtwo.

It’s not yet been clarified what this means, but many believe it will mean it’s a new Forme of Mewtwo, and can be acquired during the game somehow.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the official Pokemon movie website’s image for this new Mewtwo has the filename ‘M2X’, which likely means Mewtwo X.

This has lead to further speculation suggesting this new Mewtwo X is one of two new Formes, the second being Mewtwo Y. One for each Pokemon X and Y game.

New Pokemon Type (Rumoured)

This has yet to be confirmed, but Pokemon X and Y is believed to include a new Pokemon type in the form of the Fairy type.

Others have claimed that this new type could be a Japanese translation, and will in fact be called Light – a counter to the already existing Dark type.

This comes from a number of different sources, with all of them claiming that Slyveon – the new evolution for Eevee – will be part of this new type.

Additionally, it has been suggested that existing Pokemon – such as Clefairy and Mawile – will be retroactively retyped as Fairy.

Nintendo is certainly playing with the ambiguity of this information, since a caption on one of the Sylveon images asks “What type of Pokemon is Slyveon?” – perhaps toying with our own desires to find out.

We will update this section once we know for certain.